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Lalbert Primary School is situated in a small rural community south of Swan Hill and has a current enrolment of 4 students in Years Prep through to Grade 3. The children are from families with farming backgrounds. The children at this school are dedicated, happy and committed to learning. Staff and children work together in the learning process in an environment based on shared values. Teachers strive to make the curriculum varied and engaging but always based on students learning needs. The children enjoy a variety of excursions, and interaction with neighbouring schools is a crucial part of the school program. The children at Lalbert regularly combine with children from neighbouring schools to celebrate learning. The children at Lalbert use web 2.0 tools to make connections with other schools.

Lalbert Primary School is fortunate to have a number of distinct assets such as a low student teacher ratio, a one to one ICT ratio, including video conferencing and ipad use, modern facilities and a strong commitment to the school by the community. Students are involved in weekly Music lessons, with individual instrumental sessions, a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) and the MARC Van (Library). These factors lead to students being exposed to individual learning in a supportive and caring environment. All children at this school have an Individual Learning Plan.

Teachers possess a strong commitment to building purposeful working relationships and making a difference in the lives of students. Parental levels of participation are high on School Council and attending school events, with relationships between staff, parents and the wider community engendering a strong sense of belonging. The wider school community regularly participates in school activities.

The commitment of the whole school community to student learning is having a positive effect on student learning when analysing student data.

Lalbert Primary School is a vibrant learning community to enrol your child.